Maharashtra Public Service Commission


Sr.No. Name of the Examination/Post
1 Lecturer, Senior Lecturer and Principal, District Education and Training Institute, Maharashtra Teaching Service,Group- A and B [Teachers Training Branch] [Advt. No. 61,62 and 63-2015]
2 Profesor-Biochemistry, BMC [Advt. No.195-2014]
3 Steno -Typist (English & Marathi) Examination- 2015
4 Asst. Prof. Prev and Soc. Med ,Gr-A [Advt. No.51-2014] Lect. in Comm. Med. [advt. No.52-2014] and Asst. Commn. Food, Gr-A [Advt. No.80-2014]
5 Princi-Vice Princ, Inst. Trai. Inst. MES, Gr-B [Advt. No.91-2013] and Asst. Prof, Physics, Govt. Coll of Eng., Gr-A [Advt. No.119-2014]
6 Junior Geologist Gr-B [Advt No 64-2015] & Assistant Public Prosecutor Gr - A [Advt No 71-2015] Date of Screening Test
7 65-2015 - Deputy Superintendent of Police, Assistant Police Commissioner, Wireless [Engineering], Maharashtra State Police Service, Group-A - Extension for submission Date
8 Executive Engineer (Electrical)-Electrical Inspector Gr A Advt No-43-2014
9 Interviews for Advertisement No-110-2013,115-2013
10 Interviews for Advertisement No-13-2013,95-2013 and 105-2013
11 Assistant Commissioner-Project Officer, Gr-II, Gr-A and Assistant Project Officer-Research Officer, Gr-B Combine Screening Test-2015 [Advt. No.10-2015- and Advt. No. 4-2015]
12 Proofs identification at the time of Examination
13 Deputy Engineer Electrical Assistant Electrical Inspector PWD Gr-A [Advt No 335-2013]
14 Statistical Officer BMC[Advt-45-2014] Examination Cancelled
15 Various Professor in BMC Medical Colleges, Group - A [Advt.No.188-2014, 191-2014, 196-2014]
16 Steno Typist Examination Date
17 Lecturer - Civil Engineering, Mah. Polytechnic Teachers Service, Group-A [Advt.No.84-2013]Revised interview Schedule
18 Professor Forensic Medicine, BMC, Gr-A [Advt.No.198-2014]
19 Assistant professor-Civil Engg.,Gr-A [Advt.No.111-2014] and Joint Director Vocational Education and Training, Chairman M.S.Vocational Exam.Board, MES.,Gr-A [Advt.No.131-2014]
20 Associate Professor-Microbiology, Assistant Professor, Microbiology [SD],Professor-Biochemistry, Professor-Kayachikitsa,Associate Professor-Striroga va Prasutitantra,Gr-A
21 Statistical Officer BMC[Advt-45-2014] Examination Postponed
22 Asst. Legal (Non Gazz.) GSS Gr-B First Key - Ghoshna
23 Lecturer-Civil Engg, Givt, Polytechnic, Gr-A [Advt.No.84-2013]- Phase-II
24 Professor in Obstretics and Gyenacologist, BMC Medical College. [Advt. No.189-2014]-About Revised Criteria
25 Lecturer- Civil Engineering, Govt. Polytechnic Gr A [Advt. No. 84-2013]
26 Interview dates for the post of Lecturer - Mechanical Engg, Gr-A [Advt.No.13-2013] and Assistant Professor Automobile Engg., Gr-A [Advt.No.117-2014]
27 Assistant Professor in Various Subjects, M.E.S.Gr-A [Advt. No.70-2014,118-2014,122-2014,115-2014,117-2014,113-2014,114-2014]
28 Executive Engineer (Electrical) - Electrical Inspector Gr A [Advt. No.43-2014] and Professor in Onstritics and Gynaecology in BMC [Advt. No.189-2014]
29 Associate Professor in Prosthetic Dentistry, Govt. Dental College, M.M.E. & R. S., Gr.-A [Advt. No.150-2014]
30 Statistical Officer BMC, Advt No 45-2014
31 Interview Schedule for Various Posts Advt.No[66-2014], [29-2013], [103-2014], [72-2014], [110-2014], [34-2013], [99-2013], [10-2014]
32 Assistant Apprenticeship Advisor M.E.S.Gr. B(Technical ) Advt No -133-2014
33 Professor in Neurology in BMC, Municipal superior Service Advt No 07-2015
34 Maharashtra Engg.[Mech.] Service, Gr-B Exam.2014
35 Chief Administrative Officer, General State Services, Gr. A [Advt. No. 47-2014]
36 Interviews for Advt No 312-2012,152-2014 and 32-2014
37 Interviews for Advt No 5-2013,32-2013,86-2013,47-2013 & 133-2014
38 Assistant Commissioner, Project Officer,[Grade-2], Group-A [Advt.No.10-2015] - Extension for Submission of Online Application
39 Assistant Commissioner, Project Officer,[Grade-2], Group-A [Advt.No.10-2015] - Corrigendum
40 Change in Interview Timing- Advt. No.64-2013,66-2013,67-2013,100-2013
41 Head Of Department, Mechanical Engineering, Govt. Polytechnic, M.P.T.S. Gr A [Advt. No.66-2013]
42 Chief Engineer [Electrical], Mahrashtra Engineering Services, Gr-A [Advt. No.113-2009] - About Requisition
43 Assistant [Legal] [Non Gazetted] GSS, Group-B [Advt.No.205-2014]
44 Interview for the post of Asst.Director Library,HOD Electronics,HOD Civil Engg.,DYSP Motor Transport,Registrar Govt.Engg.College
45 Inspector Certified School and Relevant Posts [Advt. No.5-2015] - Extension for Submission of Online Application
46 Leather Expert and Superintendent, Govt.Leather Workshop, Gr-A [Jr.][Tech.][Advt.No.132-2014] - Interview Postponed
47 Principal and Vice Principal, I.T.I./ Head Master, G.T.H.Sc. / Insptector / Assistant Apprentice Advisor (Sr.)(Tech) M.E.S. Gr A Advt No. 90/2013
48 Research/Statistical/Establishment Officer or Statistical Officer (Inspection) or District Statistical Officer, General State Services, Gr - B Advt No 83-2013
49 Interview schedule for Advt.No.98-2013 and 181-2014
50 Interviews Scheduled for Various Posts Advt No-101-2013,163-2014,88-2013,132-2014
51 Interview Schedule for Professor, BMC Medical college, Gr-A [ Advt.No.192-2014, 194-2014, 199-2014, 200-2014]
52 Interview Postpone - Deputy Director Health Service, M.M.H.S., Gr-A [Advt.No.46-2014]
53 Principal I.T.I-District Vocation and Training Officer-Asst.Director (Tech), M.E.S.(Tech) Advt No. 89/2013 & Asso Professor, Instrumentation Engg. Govt College of Engineering,Gr A (Advt No. 106/2014 )
54 Associate Professor- Oral Diagnosis Advt No 54-2013 & Radiology [ M.M.E. & R.S., Gr-A[Advt No 158-2014]
55 Head of Department Computer Engineering 65-2013-Change In Date of Interview
56 Assistant Director Directorate of Forensic Science Laboratories, GSS, Gr- A Advt No 24-2014
57 Child Development Project Officer, Gr-A [Advt. No.77-2014]
58 Deputy Director Health Services, Gr A Adv No 46-2014
59 Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor in Various Subjects in Govt. Enggn.College, Workshop Supdt and HOD Comp. Engineeering etc.
60 Forest Statistician Gr A Advt No 106-2013
61 Interviews for Advt.No.106-2013 and 107-2013
62 Senior Geologist, Maharashtra Groundwater Service, GSDA, Gr-A Advt No -147-2014
63 Livestock Development Officer Maharashtra Animal Husbandry Services Gr.A-Advt No 35-2014
64 Interviews for Advt.No. 164-2014, 167-2014 and 182-2014
65 Assistant Professor Civil Engg [Online Examination Dt 27.7.2014]
66 Advt.No.85-2013-Lec.Dress Designing and Garment Manufacturing,Gr-A and Advt.No.67-2014-Assi.Prof.Zoology,Gr-A
67 Assistant Professor- Radiotherapy, M.M.E.&R.S., Gr-B [Advt. No.53-2014]
68 DEPUTY ENGINEER [MECHANICAL] ADV. NO. 58-2013- Change in Interview Place
69 Asso.Prof.-General Medicine[Advt. No.165-2014] Elect. Engg.[Advt No 104-2014] Civil Engg.Gr A[Advt No 102-2014] Change in Interview Venue
70 102-2014 and 104-2014 - Asso.Prof.Civil Engg. and Asso.Prof. Elect. Engg., Gr-A
71 Associate Professor-General Medicine, Govt. Medical College, M.M.E.&R.S., Gr-A [Advt. No.165-2014]
72 102-2013 - Director - Vocational Education and Training, M.E.S., Gr-A
73 193-2014 - PROFFESOR SKIN & V.D. BMC
74 Law Officer, Group-A, Tribal Development Department, Gr-A and Law Officer in the Directorate of secondary and higher secondary,Gr-B
75 Assistant Director Liabrarian, Mah. Liabrary Services, Gr-B Screening Test-2014
76 HOD- Electrical Engineering, Auto mobile Engineering, Civil Engineeering, Information Technology and other 3 posts, Govt. Polytechnic, Gr-A [Advt. No.112-2009] - About Court Case
77 Assistant Professor-Operative Dentistry, Govt. Dental College, M.M.E. and R.S., Gr-B [Advt. No.154-2014]
78 Assistant Commissioner (Food) and Designated Officer, Gr-A Screening Test-2014 [Advt. No.80-2014]
79 108-2013 Administrative Officer Food & Drugs Dept.Gr-B
80 27-2014 Professor Radiotherapy Gr A
81 Examination Schedule
82 Examinations Postponed
83 Assistant Professor in Preventive and Social Medicine and Radiology, Gr-B [Dt.1,3 & 5 Nov. 2014]
84 Screenig Test to be held on 25th November, 2014 and 9th December,2014
85 174-2014 Asst.Professor-General Medicine & 176-2014 Asst.Professor-General Surgery-Interview Dates
86 66-2013-Head of Department Mech.Engg Govt. Polytechnic Gr A-Ghoshana
87 64-2013-Head of Department CIVIL ENGG Govt. Polytechnic Gr A-Ghoshana
88 67-2013-Head of Department Electronics Govt. Polytechnic Gr A
89 Interviews for Advt No. 6-2013, 7-2013, 15-2013 & 17-2013
90 80-2014-Assistant Commissioner [Food] cum Designated Officer, Gr-A
91 Librarian, Mantralaya Central Library, Gr-B [Advt. No. 44-2014] - Name of Additional Candidate.
92 Librarian, Mantralaya Central Library, Gr-B [Advt. No. 44-2014]
93 Interview Dates for Advt. No 29-2014,30-2014,81-2014,82-2014
94 Lecturer in Metallergy Gr A [Exam Date 12.09.2014]
95 35-2014 Livestock Development Officer Gr.A-Interview Dates
96 Interview Dates-Assistant and Associate Professors of various subjects [ Advt No 31,56,85,139,140,142,144 and 171-2014]
97 Assistant Apprenticeship Adviser,Directorate of Vocational Education and Training,M.E.S., Gr-B [Technical]
98 Assistant Professor in Various Subjects in Government Medical College, M.M.E.S, Gr-B [Advt. No.61-2014,49 and 50-2014,96-2014]
99 Director-Jt.Director-Vocational Education-Training-Directorate of Vocational Edu.& Training Gr-A [Advt. No.102-2013, 131-2014]
100 Director-Jt.Director-Vocational Education-Training-Directorate of Vocational Edu.& Training Gr-A [Advt. No.102-2013, 131-2014]
101 Workshop Superintendent Govt. Engg. College Gr-A [Advt.No. 94-2013]
102 Deputy Director Health Services Gr A[Advt No 46-2014]
103 Dy.Dist.Voc.Edu.& Training Officer, Gr-A [95-2013], Ragistrar, Govt. Art Institute/Govt.Engg.College/ITI, Gr-B [99-2013, 100-2013, 101-2013]
104 Chief Administrative Officer Gr-A & Administrative Officer, Gr-B[Screening Test 3.8.14]
105 Interviews for Advt No 55-2014, 55-2014 & 64-2014
106 Lecturer, Metallurgy, Maharashtra Polytechnics Teachers Services,Group-A - Change in Exam Date
108 Various Screening Test Held in the Month of October-2014
109 Lecturer-Electrical Engineering, Govt.Polytechnic, Maharashtra Polytechnic Teachers Service,Gr-A [Advt.No.7-2013] -Schedule Changed
110 Chief Administrative Officer, Gr-A [Advt. No.47-2014] and Administrative Officer, Gr-B [Advt No. 108-2013 and 312-2012]
111 Administrative Officer Food & Drug Administration Gr B [ Advt No 312-2012]
112 Livestock Development Officer, Gr A 35-2014
114 Chief Administrative Officer,GSS, Gr-A
115 Deputy Police Superintendent Assistant Police Commissioner (MotorTransport) GSS Gr-A Screening Test 2014
116 Interview for Various Posts - Advt No 141-2014, 146-2014, 152-2014, 253-2014
117 Executive Engineer (Electrical)/Electrical Inspector Gr A [43-2014]
118 Assistant Commissioner [Food] cum Designated Officer, Gr-A-Screening Test-2014 [Advt.No.80-2014]-Examination Postponed
119 Assistant Apprenticeship Adviser, Directorate of Vocational Education and Training, Maharashtra Education Service, Gr.-B [Technical]
120 Lecturer in Civil Engineering Screening Test-2014 [Advt. No.84-2013]
121 Advt.No.102-2013, 131-2014 and 133-2014 - Examination to be held in August-2014
122 96-2014-Assistant Professor-Anaesthesiology, Gr-B
123 Child Development Project Officer Gr-A[Screening Test Dt.6.7.14]
124 Interview of verious Posts for Advt.No. 18-2014, 19-2014, 90-2014, 92 to 96-2014, 136-2014 and 145-2014
125 Assistant General Manager [Transportation Engineering], B.E.S.T., Grade-A-1 [Senior] Advt. No. 148-2014
126 Assistant Professor in Various Subjects in Govt. Engg. College, Gr-A About Online Examination
127 Superintendent of Jail Industries,GSS,Gr-A- Joint Director,Economics and Geology,GSS,Gr-A- Deputy Director,Economics and Geology,GSS,Gr-A [Advt.No.40-2014, 26-2014,41-2014]
128 Head of Department, Automobile Engg Gr A Advt No. 78-2013
129 Assistant Professor in Various Subjects in Govt. Engg. College, Gr-A About Online Examination
130 Superintendent, Higher and Technical Education, M.E.S., Gr-B.
131 Principal, Government Polytechnic, MES, Gr-A [Advt. No.88-2009]- Advertisement Cancelled
132 Assistant Professor Lecturer in Dermatology,Vernereology and Leprosy Gr.B. Advt.No.88-2014 -Date Change
133 Lecturer in Instrumentation Gr A Screening Test 2013 [Dt 22.6.2014]
134 Assistant Professor in Various Subjects in Governement Engineering College,Gr-A Online Examination-2014- Announcement About Online Examination
135 Interview of Verious Posts 30 June 2014 to 5 July,2014
136 Professor in Forensic medicine 336-2013
137 Child Development Project Officer and others Gr-A.
138 Various Examination to be held from 5-6-2014 to 17-8-2014
139 Deputy Superintendent of Police- Assistant Commissioner of Police (Motor Transport), General State Police Services, Gr.-A- About Syllabus
140 37-2013 Assistant Professor [Chemistry]Gr-A
141 Assistant Preliminary Examination 2014 and Adv No 126-2014 to 133- 2014 Extension to Submission Date.
142 Lecturer in Chemistry in Government Polytechnic, Gr-A Screening Test-2014
143 lecturer in Electrical Engg Gr A Screening Test 2013
144 Dental Surgeon, Gr A [Advt. No.071-2008]- Not Eligible Candidates List
145 Professor, Pedodontia, Gr-A [Advt. No.87-2014] and Assistant Professor, Pediatrics, Gr-B [Advt. No.59-2014]
146 Assistant Professor- Oral Surgery, Gr-B, Associate Professor-Orthodontia [SD], Gr-A and Assistant Professor- Orthodontia, Gr-B
147 Examination to be held June-July-2014 [Direct Recruitment]
148 Announcement-Assistant Commissioner [Drugs], HOD, Professor, Associate Profesor and Assistant Professor-Pharmacy Online Examination-2014
149 Director, Service Preparatory Institute, Aurangabad GR -A. [Advt. No. 78-2014]
150 Lecturer in Automobile Engineering, Govt. Polytechnic, Gr-A
151 63-2013-Head of Department, Govt-Polytechnic Gr A ACCEPTED - Direct Recruitment - List of Admitted Candidates
152 63-2013-Head of Department, Govt-Polytechnic Gr A REJECTED - Direct Recruitment - List of Rejected Candidate

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