Maharashtra Public Service Commission


Sr.No. Name of the Examination/Post
1 Assistant Professor,Chemistry,M.E.S., Gollegiate Branch, Gr-A [Advt. No.37-2013]
2 Forest Statisticain G.S.S. Gr B [Advt No. 106-2013]
3 Assistant Professor-Zoology Group-A[67-2014]
4 Deputy Engineer [Mech.]. M.E.S.,Gr-A - Additionally Qualified Candidates [Advt.No.58-2013]
5 ***
6 ****
7 ****
8 ****
9 Director of Education [Higher Education], Mah. Education Service, Gr-A [Advt. No.92-2013]
10 Director of Education [Higher Education], Mah. Education Service, Gr-A [Advt. No.92-2013]
11 225-2012 Assistant Legal advisor cum U.S
12 Professor-Panchkarma, Government Ayurved College, Gr-A
13 Education Officer, Gr-A Advt. No.02-2010
14 294-2012 Associate Professor in OBSTETRICS & GYNECOLOGY Gr A
16 Live Stock Development Officer MAHS Group A [ Advt No 190-2012]
17 Assistant Public Prosecutor Group A Advt No 224-2012
18 Insecticides Expert Officer, BMC Advt No 276-2012
19 Deputy Medical Superintendent, Gropu of T.B. Hospital Sewree, Cl - I Advt No 279-2012
20 Medical Superintendent, Gropu of T.B. Hospital Sewree, Cl-I Advt No 278-2012
21 Dean Municipal Medical Institution Brihanmumbai Corporation, Gr.A-SD-317-2012
22 District Health Officer, Maharashtra Medical & Health Services, Gr A [Advt No 186-2012]
23 Live Stock Development Officer,Maharashtra Animal Husbandry Services, Gr-A (Advt.No.48/2011)
24 CHILD DEVELOPMENT PROJECT OFFICER Gruop - A 2012 Advt No - 221-2012
25 INSPECTOR CERTIFIED SCHOOL Gruop - B 2012 Advt No- 222-2012
27 Solicitor Cum Deputy Secretary, L and JD, Gr-A. [Advt.No.180-2012]
28 Assistant Draftsman cum Under Secretary, G.S.S., Gr-A[Advt.No.181-2012]
29 Administrator General and Official Trustee, Mahrashtra State, Mumbai, G.S.S., Gr-A [Advt. No.252-2012]
30 Under Secretary (Legal) Gr A [ Advt No 226-2012]
31 District Sports Officer, Assistant Director, Sports and Youth Services, Gr-A.
32 Deputy Engineer (Mechnical), Irrigation Dept., Gr-A (Advt.No.7/2007-08)
33 Industries Officer-Technical,Maharashtra Industries Services,Group-B (Advt.No.229/2012)
34 Steno-Typist (Marathi]Advt No 218-2012
36 Assistant Commisstioner [Ward Officer], Muncipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai
37 Superintendent, School Education and Sports Department, General State Services, Gr-B [Clerical Grade]
38 Lower Grade Stenographer, Marathi Advt No 213-2012
39 Stenotypist (Engilsh) Advt No 220-2012
40 Higher Grade Stenographer, Marathi Gr.B Advt No 215-2012
41 Lower Grade Stenographer [English]
42 Higher Grade Stenographer [English], Gr-B [Non Gazatted]
43 Psychaitrist, Gr-A [ Advt. No. 273-2012]
44 Psychaitrist, Gr-A [Advt. No. 188-2012]
45 Scientist-Gr-II Advt No 235-2012
46 Scientist Grade 1 Environment Department Advt No 245-2012
47 Deputy Director of Health Services Maharashtra Medical & Health Services Gr A [ Advt No 02-2010]
48 Pharmacist, Government Medical College, M.M.E. and R.S., Gr-B. [Advt No 129-2011]
49 Assistant Professor Anesthesiology Govt. College, Maharashtra Medical Education and Research Services Group B [Advt No 94 - 2011]
50 Soil Survey Officer,Maharashtra Engineering Research Institute,Group A [Advt No 230--2012]
51 Joint Director Directorate of Echonomics and Statistics Gr A [ Advt No 210-2012].
52 Deputy Superintendent of Police - Assistant Police Commissioner Wireless Group A [ Advt No 208-2012]
53 Assistant Director of Liabraries, Librabrian Maharashtra State, Liabrary Services, Gr-B.
54 District Health Officer Cader, MMHS, Group-A[Advt No 155-2011]
55 District Fisheries Development Officer Gr B [ Advt No 8-2007-08]
56 Assistant Commissioner of Labour, Gr A
57 Professor- Microbilogy, Govt. medical College, Mah. Medical Education and Research Services, Gr-A.
58 Assistant Professor, Institute of Nursing Education, Gr-B.
59 Higher Grade Stenographer, English Gr.B-Special Drive Advt No 212-2012
60 Lower Grade Stenographer, Marathi-Special Drive Advt No 214-2012
61 Stenographer, Marathi-Special Drive Advt No 219-2012
62 Lower Grade Stenographer English-Special Drive Advt No 217-2012
63 Assistant Professor in Sanskrit Govt. College Institute MES Gr A (Collegiate Branch) Advt No 3-2010
64 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR -C V T S Gr B Advt No 142-2011
65 Medical Record Officer M.M.E. and R.S., Gr-B [ Advt No 127-2011]
67 Senior Lecturer MES Group-A Advt. No-49-2011
69 Assistant Public Prosecutor, Gr-A Screening Test
70 Research, Statistical Officer, Directorate of Economics and Statistics,Gr-B.
71 Assistant Public Prosecutor, Gr-A.
72 Deputy Director, Directorate of Geology & Mining, Mah. Mining Services, Gr-A
73 Joint Director, Directorate of Geology & Mining, Mah. Mining Services, Gr-A.
74 Livestock Development Officer, Gr-A.
75 Lecturer District Education and Training Institute Gr-B [Advt No 50-2011]
76 Orthopaedic Surgeon, Gr A [ Advt. No.197-2012]
77 Assistant Director, Sericulture, Gr- A [ Advt. No.232-2012]
78 Assistant Director Employment & Self Employment Advt.82-2011
79 Assistant Director of Libraries- Librarian, Maharashtra State Library Services Gr-B. [Advt.No.17-2010]
80 Anaesthetist Group A [Advt No 199-2012]
81 Anaesthetist Group A SD [Advt No 204-2012]
82 Metron, Cl-II, Grade-III
83 Registrar Govt Engg College Polytechnic Gr B[Advt 68-2011]
84 Administrative Officer in Directorate of Higher Education, M.E.S., Group-A (Administrative Branch) [Advt. No.16/2010]
85 Assistant Commissioner[Animal Husbandry] Gr-A.[Advt. No.101/2009]
86 Principal Institute of Nursing [148-2011]
87 Assistant Professor Gastroentology Gr B[144-2011]
88 Professor Medicine Gr A [114-2011]
89 Professor Institute of Nursing[149-2011]
90 Professor ENT Gr A [111-2011]
91 Assistant Professor Urology Gr B[140-2011]
92 Assistant Director Ayurved Gr B [151-2011]
93 Assistant Professor ENT Gr B [102-2011]
94 Assistant Professor General Surgery Gr B [91-2011]
95 Assistant Professor Neurology Gr B [146-2011]
96 Administrative Officer Gr B [66-2011]
97 Lecturer in Botany M.E.S.Gr B (Collegiate Branch) Advt No 107-2009
98 Registrar Directorate of Vocational Education & Training Gr B [Advt No 67-2011]
99 Administrative Officer Mah. Education Services, Gr-B. [Advt. No. 110-2011]
100 Assistant Manager Government Press G. S. S. Group-B
101 Steno Typist (Marathi) Gr B [Advt No 218-2012]
102 Higher Grade Stenographer [English] Group B. [Advt. No. 211-2012 ]
103 Higher Grade Stenographer [English] Group B [Special Drive] [Advt. No. 212-2012 ]
104 Lower Grade Stenographer [Marathi], Gr-B [Advt. No. 213-2012]
105 Lower Grade Stenographer [Marathi], Gr-B [Special Drive], [Advt. No. 214-2012 ]
106 Higher Grade Stenographer [Marathi] Group- B. [Advt. No. 215-2012 ]
107 Lower Grade Stenographer [English], Gr-B [Advt. No. 216-2012 ]
108 Lower Grade Stenographer [English], Gr-B [Special Drive] [Advt. No. 217-2012 ]
109 Steno-Typist [Marathi] Gr-B [Special Drive] [Advt. No. 219-2012 ]
110 Steno-Typist [English], Gr-B. [Advt. No. 220-2012 ]
111 Assistant Director of Town Planning Gr. A [Advt No 56-2011] (10.7.12)
112 District Sports Officer -Assistant Director Sports & Youth Services Group-A (Advt. No. 52-2011)
113 Deputy Director Languages (Translation & Terminology),GSS Class-1.[Advt No 178-2012][6.7.12]
114 Warden in the office of Service Preparatory Institute GSS Gr.B [Advt No160-2011] [06.07.12]
115 Assistant Professor - Pediatric Surgery Gr B [ Advt No 137-2011] [5.7.2012]
116 Bio Mechanical Engineer Gr B [ Advt No 130-2011] [5.7.2012]
117 Professor - Pathology Gr B [ Advt No 118-2011] [5.7.2012]
118 Junior Geologist Maharashtra Groundwater Services Gr B [Advt 196-2012] [05.07.2012]
119 Assistant Administrative Officer Gr.B [Advt 11-2010] [05.07.2012]
120 Administertive Officer Maharashtra Groundwater Services, Group - A [Advt 108-2011] [05.07.2012]
121 Zilla Sainik Welfare Officer, Gr-A [ Advt. No. 84-2011]
122 Zilla Sainik Welfare Officer, Gr-A [ Advt. No.177-2011]
123 Languages Officer (Hindi) Directoratr of Languages Gr.B [Advt No 131-2011]
124 Transalator (Marathi),General State Service,Gr.C [Advt No 132-2011]
125 Deputy Registrar, Maharashtra Administrative Tribunal, Gr.A [Advt No 176-2012]
126 Registrar, Maharashtra Administrative Tribunal, Gr.A [Advt No 175-2012]
127 Paediatrician Maharashtra Medical & Health Services Gr A
128 Paediatrician Maharashtra Medical & Health Services Gr A (SD)
129 Radiologist Maharashtra Medical & Health Services Gr A
130 Radiologist Maharashtra Medical & Health Services Gr A (SD)
131 Assistant Manager Govt. Press G.S.S.Group-B[Advt No 209-2012]
132 Professor -Pharmacology Govt. Medical College, M.M.E.R.S.-Gr-A.[Advt. No.125-2011]
133 Lecturer Zoology MES Gr B(Advt 107-2009)
134 Lecturer English MES Gr B(Advt 107-2009)
135 Lecturer Commerce MES Gr B (Advt 107-2009)
136 Lecturer Chemistry MES Gr B(Advt 107-2009)
137 Taluka Sprots Officer GSS Gr B(Advt 51-2011)
138 Deputy Director MES Gr A (Technical)(Advt 18-2010)
139 Assistant Commissioner _Ward Officer_GR A MCGB Advt No 163-2011
140 Professor- Radiotherapy in Govt. Medical College, MME&RS, Gr-A [ Advt. No.120-2011]
141 Associate Professor- Microbiology, Gr-A [Special Drive][Advt. No.134-2011]
142 Assistant Commissioner [Food] G.S.S., Gr-A.
143 Assistant Professor- Orthopaedics in Government Medical College, MME&RS, Gr-B.
144 Assistant Professor- Radiology in Government Medical College, MME&RS, Gr-B [Specail Drive].
145 Professor- General Medicine, M.M.E.and R.S.,Gr-A.
146 Deputy Director-Sericulture, Maharashtra Sericulture Service, Gr-A
147 District Sports Officer, Assistant Director, Sports and Youth Services, Gr-A.
148 Deputy Education officer & equivalent post, M.E.S., Gr.-B (Administrative branch) Advt No 81-2008
149 Deputy Education officer & equivalent post, M.E.S., Gr.-B (Administrative branch) Advt No 19-2008
150 Assistant Professor Anatomy Gr B (Special Drive)
151 Suprintendent, General State Serices Group B (Advt. 86-2011)
152 Professor Anatomy Gr A
153 Assistant Professor Anatomy Gr B
154 Lecturer Assistant Professor Radiotherapy Gr B
155 Assistant Administrative Officer GSDA Gr B
156 Junior Scientific Officer,MME & RS, Gr-B
157 Senior Lecturer, Maharashtra Education Service, Group-A in the District Education and Training Institute. [Advt.No.49-2011]
158 Professor, Skin and VD, Maharashtra Medical Education and Research, Gr-A
159 Translator-Hindi, Directorate of Languages, GSS, Gr-C-SD-Advt.152-2011
160 Assistant Professor E.N.T.MME&RS, Gr-B-SD-Advt.No.103-2011
161 Assistant Professor in Tuberculosis & Chest Diseases, MME&RS, Gr-B-SD-Advt.No.89-2011
162 Registrar, Directorate of Vocational Education and Training, Gr-B
163 Administrative Officer Maharashtra Education Services-Administrative Branch, Group A
164 Administrative Officer MES, Gr-A Advt No 16-2010
165 Assistant Professor, Biotechnology, Govt. College-Inst.,Gr-A.
166 Assistant Project Officer Group-B(Class-2)Tribal Development Department
167 Special Auditor, Maharashtra Co-operative Services, Gr-B-2011
168 Registrar Govt Engineering College-Govt. Polytechnic, Gr-B
169 Assistant Director Employment and Self-Employment Group A
170 Deputy Director-Project Officer, Gr-A, Grade-1, Tribal Development Department.[Advt No.104-2011]
171 Project Officer, Group-1 [Grade-2], Tribal Development Department [Advt. No105-2011].
172 Principal District Education & Training Institute Gr-A
173 Taluka Sports Officer, Gr-B in the Directorate of Sports and Youth Services
174 Administrative Officer Group A, GSDA, Maharashtra Ground Water Services
175 Lecturer, District Education and Training Institute, Maharashtra Education Service Group-B.
176 Deputy Director of Vocational Education and Training-cum-Deputy Apprenticeship Advisor Gr- A [ 18-2010]
177 District Sports Officer and Assistant Director of Sports,General State Services, Grade-A. [Advt. No.52-2011]
178 Deputy Director-Project Officer Group A, Tribal Development Department
179 Assistant Director of Libraries, Librarian Distribution Officer, Gr-B [ Advt No 17-2010]
181 Assistant Project Officer Group B, Tribal Development Department
182 Assistant Commissioner (Ward Officer) Gr-A Screening Test-2011
183 Matron (Grade - III) Group-B Screening Test 2011.
184 Senior Geologist, Maharasthra Groundwater Services, Gr-A (SD)
185 Senior Geologist, Maharashtra Groundwater Services, Gr-A (PH)
186 Project Officer Group A,Grade II Tribal Development Department.
188 Assistant Professor-ICCU (Medicine Department),Gr-B.
189 Assistant Professor, Radiology, Gr-B.
190 Assistant Professor,Forensic Medicine, Gr-B.
191 Assistant Professor- Anaesthesiology, Gr-B.
192 Assistant Professor- Agadtantra, Govt. Ayurvedic College, Gr-B.
193 Assistant Professor- Forensic Medicine, Govt. Medical College, Gr-B (Special Drive)
194 Professor-Radiology, Govt. Medical College, Gr-A.
195 Assistant Public Prosecutor Group A [Advt No 109-2011]
196 Assistant Professor Prasuti Tantra Gr B
202 Deputy Education Officer Group B - Additional List
203 Under Secretary (LAW) GSS Group A
204 Assistant Professor, Swasthavrutta, Government Ayurved College, Gr-B.
205 Associate Professor Pedodontics BMC
206 Associate Professor Prosthodontics BMC
207 Associate Professor Community Dentistry, MCGM
208 Deputy Director Health Services (State Health Laboratories) GSS Gr-A
209 Associate Professor, Prasutitantra, Govt. Ayurvedic College, Gr-A [Revised].
210 Deputy Director, Town Planning, Gr-A. (Special Drive)
211 Senior Research Officer Group A (Grade II) Tribal Development Dept. (SD)
212 Associate Professor in Sanskrit MES Gr-A
213 Assistant director of languages (translation and terminology) Gr-B
214 Assistant Director Industrial Safety & Health Gr B
215 Deputy Engineer Electrical Gr A
216 Associate Professor Conservative Dentistry
217 Assistant Professor Rasashastra Gr B
218 Professor Sharir Rachana Gr A
219 Professor Panchakarma Gr A
220 Associate Professor Swasthavrutta Gr A
221 Assistant Professor Sharir Rachana
222 Assistant Professor Shalyatantra Gr B
223 Associate Professor Shalyatantra Gr-A
224 Associate Professor Sanskrit Sanhita Siddhant Gr-A
225 Professor Kaumarbritya Gr A
226 Assistant Professor Nidanpanchak, Gr-B
227 Associate Professor Panchakarma Gr-A
228 Assistant Professor Panchakarma Gr-B
229 Associate Professor Kaumarbritya Gr-A
230 Associate Professor Rasashastra Gr-A
231 Associate Professor Dravyagun Gr-A
232 Associate Professor Kayachikitsa, Gr A
233 General Manager Deputy Dairy Manager General Gr- A (Junior)
234 Translator Marathi Gr-C
235 Associate Professor Prasuti Tantra Gr A
236 Associate Professor Sharir Rachana Gr A
237 Professor Nidan Panchak Gr A
238 Deputy Director (Technical)Grade A
239 Associate Professor Orthodontics MCGB
240 Reader in Physics Gr A (Collegiate Branch)
241 Associate Professor Nidan Panchak Gr A
242 Associate Professor Agad Tantra Gr-A
243 Professor Prasuti Tantra, Gr-A
244 Livestock Development Officer, Gr-A
245 Assistant Geologist, Maharashtra Groundwater Services, Gr-B.
246 Assistant Professor In Philosophy Gr-A (Collegiate Branch)
247 Fisheries Development Officer, Gr-B
248 Industsrial Officer (Technical) Group B
249 Lecturer- General Medicine, Gr-B (Current)
250 Deputy Director-Steam Boiler, Maharasthra Labour Services, Gr-A.
251 Reader in Chemistry Gr-A (Collegiate Branch)
252 Education Officer, Gr-A. Screening Test (ADVT No 2-2010)
253 Assistant Commissioner of Police, Deputy Suptd. of Police (Motor Transport), Gr-A.
254 Professor Swasthavrutta, Hovt Ayurved College, Mah. Ayurvedic Service, Gr-A.
255 Executive Engineer (Electrical-Electrical Inspector), Mah. Ele. Eng. Service, Gr-A.
256 Director, Government Printing and Stationery, Gr-A.
257 Reader in Marathi Gr.A (Collegiate Branch)
258 Superitendent, District Prison, Deputy Superitendent Central Prison, Gr-B.
259 Reader in zoology Gr A (Collegiate Branch)
260 Assistant Professor In Philosophy Gr-A (Collegiate Branch)
261 Reader in Botany, Gr-A (Collegiate Branch)
262 Reader in Bio-Technology, Gr-A (Collegiate Branch)
263 Reader in Microbiology, Gr-A ( Collegiate Branch)
264 Reader in Statistics, Gr-A ( Collegiate Branch)
265 Reader in Mathematics, Gr-A ( Collegiate Branch)
266 Reader in Economics Gr-A ( Collegiate Branch)
267 Reader in Bio Physics , Gr-A (Collegiate Branch)
268 Reader in Geology , Gr-A (Collegiate Branch)
269 Reader in Political Science, Gr-A (Collegiate Branch)
270 Reader in English , Gr-A (Collegiate Branch)
271 Reader in Bio Chemistry, Gr-A (Collegiate Branch)
272 Reader in History Gr-A
273 Principal (Reader Grade) Govt. College Gr-A
274 Reader in Geography Gr-A
275 Reader in Home Science, Gr A
276 Assistant director Insurance, Gr-A
277 Senior Geologist, Groundwater Surveys and Development, Gr-A
278 Secretary, Maharashtra State Board for Production of Marathi Vishwakosh Gr-A
279 Translator Marathi Cl - III (SD)
280 Lecturer General Medicine Gr B (SD)
281 Live Stock Development Officer Group B Screening Test 2011
282 Secretary, Maharashtra State Board for Literature & Culture,Gr-A
283 Deputy Director of Insurance Gr A
284 Assistant Professor Marathi, Gr-A
285 Lecturer Information Technology Gr-A
286 Registrar Gr.-B (Non - Technical)
287 Inspector Certified School and Institutions Group- B
288 Administrative Group in Dairy Development Department, G.S.S., Gr-B.
289 Live Stock Development Officer, Maharashtra Animal Husbandry Services, Group-A (SD)
290 Additional Director, Maharashtra Groundwater Services Group A
291 Junior Geologist Maharashtra Groundwater Services Group B
292 Joint Director, Vocational Education and Training, Gr-A (Senior).
293 Deputy Director, Industrial Safety and Health, Maharashtra Labour Services, Gr-A.
294 Lecturar Labour Welfare Gr-B
295 Senior Drilling Engineer , Maharashtra Groundwater Services,Gr-A
296 Assistant Professor in Chemistry, Govt. College-Institute, M.E.S., Gr-A (Collegiate Branch)
297 Deputy Education Officer Gr-B (Advt - 81-2008]
298 Deputy Education Officer Gr-B (Advt -19-2008]
299 DEPUTY EDUCATION OFFICERS Screening Test (advt. 019)
300 Assistant Professor in Political Science Gr-A
301 Assistant Professor in Sanskrit Gr-A
302 Professor Microbiology Gr-A
303 Director Institute of Science Gr-A
304 Industrial Officer (Technical) Maharashtra Industrial Services Gr-B
306 Chief Administrative Officer G.S.S.,Gr-A-Public Health Department
307 Lecturer in Travels and Tourism, Govt. polytechnics, Teachers Service, Gr-A.
308 House Master, Government Backward Class Hostel, Gr-B.
309 Lecturer in Food Technology in Govt. Polytechnics, Gr-A.
310 Psychiatrist, Mah. Medical & Health Service, Gr-A (Special Drive)
311 Deputy Superitendent of Police, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Motor Transport, Gr-A
312 Administrative Group in Deairy Development Dept. Gr-B
313 Deputy Engineer (Dairy), Engineering, GSS, Gr-A (Jr.)
314 Professor Physics [ dt 25-07-11]
315 Professor Botany [ dt 25-07-11]
316 Professor Statistics [ dt 25-07-11]
318 Registrar, Govt. College of Engineering, Mah. Engg. College Teachers Service, Gr-B
319 Librarian & Referance Officer,Gr-A
320 Chemist Maharashtra Mining Services Group B
321 Assistant Director , Parks & Gardens , Gr.B
322 Assistant Controller of Rationing,Gr-B
323 Professor, General Surgery, Govt. Medical College, Gr-A.
324 Professor, Anaesthesiology, Govt. Medical College, Gr-A.
325 Professor- Paediatrics, Govt. medical College, Gr-A.
326 Director, Services Preparatory Institute, Gr-A.
327 Professor - Ophthalmology
328 Assistant Professor in Law
329 Lecturer in Physics
330 Lecturer Psychiatry Gr-B
331 Lecturer in Chemistry
332 Assistant Professor in Physics
333 Assistant Professor in English
335 Under Secretary Law Group A
336 Assistant Chemical Analayser Gr-B
337 Associate Professor, Plastic Surgery, in B.M.C. Medical College
338 Statistical Officer, G.S.S.,Gr-B (Post Under Backlog)
339 Statistical Officer, G.S.S.,Gr-B (Post Under Backlog)
340 Statistical Officer, G.S.S., Gr-B.
341 Lecturer in Chemical Engineering
342 Assistant Professor in English
343 Lecturer in Electrical Engineering
344 Lecturer in Pharmacy
345 Lecturer in Dress Designing & Garment Manufacturing
346 Assistant Controller of Legal Metrology Group B
347 Child Development Project Officer, Assistant Commissioner, Probation Superintendent,District Women and Child Development Officer
348 Professor Neuro Surgery, Gr-A
349 Professor General Surgery, Gr-A (Special Drive)
350 Hod- Instrumentation,Govt. Poly Technics Teacher Services, Gr-A
351 Professor in Methematics Govt. Institute & Science, Gr-A
352 Assistant Professor in Electronics, Govt. College/ Institute, M.E.S., Gr.-A (Collegiate branch)
353 Controller of Examination, Govt.Polyetechnics M.S.B.T.E.Gr-A
354 Chemist, Mah. Mining Service,Directorate of Geology & Mining, Gr-B (SD)
355 Lecturar in Psychiatry
356 Head of Department, Medical Electronics
357 House Masters Screening Test 2008
358 Government Labour Officer
359 System Analyst, in Govt. Polytechnics
360 Professor in English, Govt. Institute of Science
361 Deputy Charity Commissioner
362 Soil Conservation Officer
363 Assistant Charity Commissioner Group A
364 Joint Charity Commissioner Group A
365 Statistician General State Services Group B
366 Lecturer in Hotel Management
367 Assistant Inspector of Drawing and Craft Works Group B
368 Head of Department- Metallurgy, Govt. Polytechnics, MPTS, Gr-A
369 Joint Director, Maharasthra Groundwater Survey & Development Agency, Gr-A
370 Deputy Education Officer & Equivalent Post, MES, Gr-B (Administrative Branch.)- Waiting List Result
371 Assistant Professor in Computer Science
372 Assistant Professor in Physics
373 Dean, Government Medical College, M.M.E. & R.S, Gr-A
374 System Analist Govt. Polytechnic
375 Assistant Chemical Analyser, Directorate of Forensic Science Laboratory, Gr-B
376 Lecturer - Skin and V.D., Govt. Medical College, Gr-B (Special Drive)
377 Lecturer - Skin and V.D., Govt. Medical College, Gr-B
378 Lecturer - Plastic Surgery, Govt. Medical College, Gr-B
379 Deputy General Manager BEST
380 Dean, Government Medical College, Mah. Medical Education & Research Service, Gr-A
381 Dean, Government Medical College, M.M.E. & S., Gr-A (Special Drive)
382 Assistant Controller of Legal Metrology, Gr-B
383 HOD- Food Technology, Govt. Polytechnic, M.P.T.S., Gr-A
384 HOD- Plastic Engineering, Govt. Polytechnic, M.P.T.S., Gr-A
385 Geologist, Director of Geology & Mining, Maharashtra Mining Service, Gr-A
386 Assistant Drilling Engineer, Maharashtra Mining Service, Gr-B
387 Assistant Professor in Botany,Govt. College, Institute, MES, Gr-A (Collegiate Branch) (SD)
388 Administrative Officer, General State Service, Gr-B
389 System Analyst in Govt. Polytechnics [Ad-102]
390 Assistant Public Prosecutor
391 Lecturer in Physcis & Lecturer in Chemistry in Govt. Polytechnics, Mah. Technical Services, Gr-A
392 Lecturer, Chemistry in Govt. Polytechincs, Maharashtra Polytechnics Teachers Services, Gr-A
393 Lecturer, Physics in Govt. Polytechincs, Maharashtra Polytechnics Teachers Services, Gr-A
394 Junior Geologist, Maharashtra Groundwater Services, Gr-B (Special Drive)
395 Government Labour Officer, Gr-B (Cut off Line)
396 Government Labour Officer, Gr-B
397 Government Labour Officer, Gr-A
398 Registrar, Govt. Art Institute, Maharashtra Art Education Service, Gr-B (Administrative)
399 Assistant Professor in Zoology, Govt. College, Institute, MES, Gr-A (Collegiate Branch), Special Drive
400 Lecturer in Applied Mechanics, Govt. Polytechnics, Maharashtra Polytechnic Teachers Service, Gr-A
401 Deputy Director, Economics and Statistics, General State Service, Gr-A
402 Chief Administrative Officer, M.M.E.R.S., Gr-A
403 Lecturer, Opthalmology, Govt. Medical College, Gr-B (Current Vacancy)
404 Medical Officer (Post Partum Programme & Obst. & Gyae.), M.M.& H.S., Gr-A (Special Drive)
405 Police Surgeon, M.M. & H.S., Gr-A
406 Deputy Education Officer, Advt No 81
407 Deputy Education Officer & Equivalent Posts
408 Lecturer in Mathematics Govt. Polytechnics
409 District Health Officer Cadre, Gr-A
410 District Civil Surgeon Cadre, Gr-A
411 District Health Officer, M.M.& H.S., Gr-A (Special Drive)
412 District Civil Surgeon, M.M.H & S. Gr-A (Special Drive)
413 Assistant Project Officer (Higher Grade), Gr-B in Tribal Development Department
415 Orthopaedics Surgeon, M.M.& H.S., Gr-A
416 Drug Inspector, G.S.S., Gr-B (Special Drive) (Revised)
417 Drug Inspector Food and Drug Administration (Special Drive)
418 Assistant Engineer (Civil) Grade-2.pdf
419 Drug inspector, Food & Drug administration, Gr B
420 Assistant Engineering Civil, Gr-II (WRD)- (Recommended Candidates) 01-01-1994 to 16-06-1997
421 Assistant Engineering Civil, Gr-II (PWD) (Recommended Candidates) 01-01-1994 to 16-06-1997
422 Assistant Engineering Civil, Gr-II (WRD) (Not Recommended Candidates)- 01-01-1994 to 16-06-1997
423 Assistant Engineering Civil, Gr-II (PWD) (Not Recommednded Candidates)- 01-01-1994 to 16-06-1997
424 Lecturer in Plastic and Polymer, Govt. Polytechnic, Gr-A
425 Assistant Public Prosecutor, Gr-A Examination- 2009
426 Assistant Engineer (Civil), Gr-II (PWD)- Recommended Candidates List- 17-04-84 To 31-12-93
427 Assistant Engineer (Civil), Gr-II (WRD)- Recommended Candidates List- 17-04-84 To 31-12-93
428 Assistant Engineer (Civil), Gr-II (WRD)- Not Recommended Candidates List- 17-04-84 To 31-12-93
429 Assistant Engineer (Civil), Gr-II (WRD)- Not Recommended Candidates List- 01-04-81 to 16-04-84
430 Assistant Engineer (Civil), Gr-II (PWD)- Not Recommended Candidates List- 01-04-81 to 16-04-84
431 Assistant Engineer (Civil), Gr-II (WRD)- List of Recommended Candidates for the period of 01-04-81 to 16-04-84
432 Assistant Engineer (Civil), Gr-II (PWD) - List of Recommended Candidates for the period of 01-04-81 to 16-04-84
433 Director of Liabraries, M.S. Liabrary Services, Gr-A
434 Deputy Soil Survey Officer
435 Lecturer Oral Diagnosis & Radiology
436 Lecturer Pathology
437 Lecturer Obst. & Gynaecology
438 Distric Welfare Office GSS Grade A
439 Associate Professor General Medicine Gr-A
440 Lecturer in Computer Engineering Govt. Polytechnics, Maharashtra Polytechnic, Teachers Service, Gr-A
441 Assistant Public Prosecutor, G.S.S., Gr-A
442 Lecturer, Opthalmology, Govt. Medical College, M.M.E.R.S., Gr-A
443 Superitending Engineer (Electrical), Maharashtra Service of Electrical Engineers, Gr-A
444 Anesthetist Maharashtra Medical & Health Services Gr-A
445 Lecturer in Mechanical Enggineering
446 Lecturer in Information Technology
447 Joint Charity Commissioner, Gr-A
448 Deputy Charity Commissioner, Gr-A
449 Associate Professor - Anatomy
450 Associate Professor - Radiology
453 Associate Professor, Microbiology, Gr-A (BMC)
454 Lecturer Mechanical Engineering
455 Lecturer, General Medicine
456 Associate Professor,Pharmacology
457 Radiologist, Maharashtra Medical and Health Services, Gr-A
458 Assistant Charity Commissioner, G.S.S., Gr-A
459 Administative Officer, Director of Medical Education and Research, GSS, Gr-B.
460 Associate Professor, Pathology, Govt. Medical College, Gr-A
461 Deputy Engineer (Mechanical), Mah. Groundwater Service, Gr-A (For PH Only)
462 Junior Geologist, Mah. Groundwater Service, Gr-B (For PH Only)
463 Lecturer, General Surgery, Govt. Medical College, Gr-B
464 Lecturer, Microbiology, Govt. Medical College, Gr-B
465 Lecturer, Orthopaedics, Govt. Medical College, Gr-B
466 Lecturer in Instrumentation, Engineering Govt. polytechnics, Gr-A
467 Drug Inspector, General State Services, Group-B
468 Drug Inspector, General State Service, Gr-B
469 Lecturer in Medical Electronics
470 Lecturer in Automobile Engineering, Govt. Polytechnics, Gr-A
471 Lecturer in Civil Engineering, Govt. Polytechnic, Gr-A
472 Lecturer in Pharmaceutics, Govt. College of Pharmacy, Gr-A (Junior)
473 Anaesthetist, M.M. & H. S., Gr-A (Special Drive)
474 Pathologist, M.M. & H.S., Gr-A (Special Drive)
475 Head of Department, Plastic & Polymer, Gr-A
476 Associate Professor, Anaesthesiology, Gr-A
477 Associate Professor, General Surgery, Gr-A (Specail Drive)
478 Scientific Officer, Food and Drug Administration, Gr-B
479 Associate Professor, Opthalmology, Maharashtra Medical Education and Research, Gr-A
480 Dean, Government Ayurved College, Maharashtra Ayurvedic Service, Gr-A
481 Stenographer, Steno-Typist (Marathi & English), Govt. Offices, Mumbai. (SD) & (PH-SD)
482 Assistant Commissioner (Drug)
483 Deputy Engineer ( Mechanical)

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