Maharashtra Public Service Commission


Sr.No. Name of the Examination/Post
1 Professor-Panchkarma, Government Ayurved College, Gr-A
2 Assistant Manager Govt. Press G.S.S.Group-B[Advt No 209-2012]
3 Assistant Professor In Philosophy Gr-A (Collegiate Branch)
4 Live Stock Development Officer Group B Screening Test 2011
5 Secretary, Maharashtra State Board for Literature & Culture,Gr-A
6 Deputy Director of Insurance Gr A
7 Assistant Professor Marathi, Gr-A
8 Lecturer Information Technology Gr-A
9 Registrar Gr.-B (Non - Technical)
10 Inspector Certified School and Institutions Group- B
11 Administrative Group in Dairy Development Department, G.S.S., Gr-B.
12 Live Stock Development Officer, Maharashtra Animal Husbandry Services, Group-A (SD)
13 Additional Director, Maharashtra Groundwater Services Group A
14 Junior Geologist Maharashtra Groundwater Services Group B
15 Joint Director, Vocational Education and Training, Gr-A (Senior).
16 Deputy Director, Industrial Safety and Health, Maharashtra Labour Services, Gr-A.
17 Lecturar Labour Welfare Gr-B
18 Senior Drilling Engineer , Maharashtra Groundwater Services,Gr-A
19 Assistant Professor in Chemistry, Govt. College-Institute, M.E.S., Gr-A (Collegiate Branch)
20 Deputy Education Officer Gr-B (Advt - 81-2008]
21 Deputy Education Officer Gr-B (Advt -19-2008]
22 DEPUTY EDUCATION OFFICERS Screening Test (advt. 019)
23 Assistant Professor in Political Science Gr-A
24 Assistant Professor in Sanskrit Gr-A
25 Professor Microbiology Gr-A
26 Director Institute of Science Gr-A
27 Industrial Officer (Technical) Maharashtra Industrial Services Gr-B
29 Chief Administrative Officer G.S.S.,Gr-A-Public Health Department
30 Lecturer in Travels and Tourism, Govt. polytechnics, Teachers Service, Gr-A.
31 House Master, Government Backward Class Hostel, Gr-B.
32 Lecturer in Food Technology in Govt. Polytechnics, Gr-A.
33 Psychiatrist, Mah. Medical & Health Service, Gr-A (Special Drive)
34 Deputy Superitendent of Police, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Motor Transport, Gr-A
35 Administrative Group in Deairy Development Dept. Gr-B
36 Deputy Engineer (Dairy), Engineering, GSS, Gr-A (Jr.)
37 Professor Physics [ dt 25-07-11]
38 Professor Botany [ dt 25-07-11]
39 Professor Statistics [ dt 25-07-11]
41 Registrar, Govt. College of Engineering, Mah. Engg. College Teachers Service, Gr-B
42 Librarian & Referance Officer,Gr-A
43 Chemist Maharashtra Mining Services Group B
44 Assistant Director , Parks & Gardens , Gr.B
45 Assistant Controller of Rationing,Gr-B
46 Professor, General Surgery, Govt. Medical College, Gr-A.
47 Professor, Anaesthesiology, Govt. Medical College, Gr-A.
48 Professor- Paediatrics, Govt. medical College, Gr-A.
49 Director, Services Preparatory Institute, Gr-A.
50 Professor - Ophthalmology
51 Assistant Professor in Law
52 Lecturer in Physics
53 Lecturer Psychiatry Gr-B
54 Lecturer in Chemistry
55 Assistant Professor in Physics
56 Assistant Professor in English
58 Under Secretary Law Group A
59 Assistant Chemical Analayser Gr-B
60 Associate Professor, Plastic Surgery, in B.M.C. Medical College
61 Statistical Officer, G.S.S.,Gr-B (Post Under Backlog)
62 Statistical Officer, G.S.S.,Gr-B (Post Under Backlog)
63 Statistical Officer, G.S.S., Gr-B.
64 Lecturer in Chemical Engineering
65 Assistant Professor in English
66 Lecturer in Electrical Engineering
67 Lecturer in Pharmacy
68 Lecturer in Dress Designing & Garment Manufacturing
69 Assistant Controller of Legal Metrology Group B
70 Child Development Project Officer, Assistant Commissioner, Probation Superintendent,District Women and Child Development Officer
71 Professor Neuro Surgery, Gr-A
72 Professor General Surgery, Gr-A (Special Drive)
73 Hod- Instrumentation,Govt. Poly Technics Teacher Services, Gr-A
74 Professor in Methematics Govt. Institute & Science, Gr-A
75 Assistant Professor in Electronics, Govt. College/ Institute, M.E.S., Gr.-A (Collegiate branch)
76 Controller of Examination, Govt.Polyetechnics M.S.B.T.E.Gr-A
77 Chemist, Mah. Mining Service,Directorate of Geology & Mining, Gr-B (SD)
78 Lecturar in Psychiatry
79 Head of Department, Medical Electronics
80 House Masters Screening Test 2008
81 Government Labour Officer
82 System Analyst, in Govt. Polytechnics
83 Professor in English, Govt. Institute of Science
84 Deputy Charity Commissioner
85 Soil Conservation Officer
86 Assistant Charity Commissioner Group A
87 Joint Charity Commissioner Group A
88 Statistician General State Services Group B
89 Lecturer in Hotel Management
90 Assistant Inspector of Drawing and Craft Works Group B
91 Head of Department- Metallurgy, Govt. Polytechnics, MPTS, Gr-A
92 Joint Director, Maharasthra Groundwater Survey & Development Agency, Gr-A
93 Deputy Education Officer & Equivalent Post, MES, Gr-B (Administrative Branch.)- Waiting List Result
94 Assistant Professor in Computer Science
95 Assistant Professor in Physics
96 Dean, Government Medical College, M.M.E. & R.S, Gr-A
97 System Analist Govt. Polytechnic
98 Assistant Chemical Analyser, Directorate of Forensic Science Laboratory, Gr-B
99 Lecturer - Skin and V.D., Govt. Medical College, Gr-B (Special Drive)
100 Lecturer - Skin and V.D., Govt. Medical College, Gr-B
101 Lecturer - Plastic Surgery, Govt. Medical College, Gr-B
102 Deputy General Manager BEST
103 Dean, Government Medical College, Mah. Medical Education & Research Service, Gr-A
104 Dean, Government Medical College, M.M.E. & S., Gr-A (Special Drive)
105 Assistant Controller of Legal Metrology, Gr-B
106 HOD- Food Technology, Govt. Polytechnic, M.P.T.S., Gr-A
107 HOD- Plastic Engineering, Govt. Polytechnic, M.P.T.S., Gr-A
108 Geologist, Director of Geology & Mining, Maharashtra Mining Service, Gr-A
109 Assistant Drilling Engineer, Maharashtra Mining Service, Gr-B
110 Assistant Professor in Botany,Govt. College, Institute, MES, Gr-A (Collegiate Branch) (SD)
111 Administrative Officer, General State Service, Gr-B
112 System Analyst in Govt. Polytechnics [Ad-102]
113 Assistant Public Prosecutor
114 Lecturer in Physcis & Lecturer in Chemistry in Govt. Polytechnics, Mah. Technical Services, Gr-A
115 Lecturer, Chemistry in Govt. Polytechincs, Maharashtra Polytechnics Teachers Services, Gr-A
116 Lecturer, Physics in Govt. Polytechincs, Maharashtra Polytechnics Teachers Services, Gr-A
117 Junior Geologist, Maharashtra Groundwater Services, Gr-B (Special Drive)
118 Government Labour Officer, Gr-B (Cut off Line)
119 Government Labour Officer, Gr-B
120 Government Labour Officer, Gr-A
121 Registrar, Govt. Art Institute, Maharashtra Art Education Service, Gr-B (Administrative)
122 Assistant Professor in Zoology, Govt. College, Institute, MES, Gr-A (Collegiate Branch), Special Drive
123 Lecturer in Applied Mechanics, Govt. Polytechnics, Maharashtra Polytechnic Teachers Service, Gr-A
124 Deputy Director, Economics and Statistics, General State Service, Gr-A
125 Chief Administrative Officer, M.M.E.R.S., Gr-A
126 Lecturer, Opthalmology, Govt. Medical College, Gr-B (Current Vacancy)
127 Medical Officer (Post Partum Programme & Obst. & Gyae.), M.M.& H.S., Gr-A (Special Drive)
128 Police Surgeon, M.M. & H.S., Gr-A
129 Deputy Education Officer, Advt No 81
130 Deputy Education Officer & Equivalent Posts
131 Lecturer in Mathematics Govt. Polytechnics
132 District Health Officer Cadre, Gr-A
133 District Civil Surgeon Cadre, Gr-A
134 District Health Officer, M.M.& H.S., Gr-A (Special Drive)
135 District Civil Surgeon, M.M.H & S. Gr-A (Special Drive)
136 Assistant Project Officer (Higher Grade), Gr-B in Tribal Development Department
138 Orthopaedics Surgeon, M.M.& H.S., Gr-A
139 Drug Inspector, G.S.S., Gr-B (Special Drive) (Revised)
140 Drug Inspector Food and Drug Administration (Special Drive)
141 Assistant Engineer (Civil) Grade-2.pdf
142 Drug inspector, Food & Drug administration, Gr B
143 Assistant Engineering Civil, Gr-II (WRD)- (Recommended Candidates) 01-01-1994 to 16-06-1997
144 Assistant Engineering Civil, Gr-II (PWD) (Recommended Candidates) 01-01-1994 to 16-06-1997
145 Assistant Engineering Civil, Gr-II (WRD) (Not Recommended Candidates)- 01-01-1994 to 16-06-1997
146 Assistant Engineering Civil, Gr-II (PWD) (Not Recommednded Candidates)- 01-01-1994 to 16-06-1997
147 Lecturer in Plastic and Polymer, Govt. Polytechnic, Gr-A
148 Assistant Public Prosecutor, Gr-A Examination- 2009
149 Assistant Engineer (Civil), Gr-II (PWD)- Recommended Candidates List- 17-04-84 To 31-12-93
150 Assistant Engineer (Civil), Gr-II (WRD)- Recommended Candidates List- 17-04-84 To 31-12-93
151 Assistant Engineer (Civil), Gr-II (WRD)- Not Recommended Candidates List- 17-04-84 To 31-12-93
152 Assistant Engineer (Civil), Gr-II (WRD)- Not Recommended Candidates List- 01-04-81 to 16-04-84
153 Assistant Engineer (Civil), Gr-II (PWD)- Not Recommended Candidates List- 01-04-81 to 16-04-84
154 Assistant Engineer (Civil), Gr-II (WRD)- List of Recommended Candidates for the period of 01-04-81 to 16-04-84
155 Assistant Engineer (Civil), Gr-II (PWD) - List of Recommended Candidates for the period of 01-04-81 to 16-04-84
156 Director of Liabraries, M.S. Liabrary Services, Gr-A
157 Deputy Soil Survey Officer
158 Lecturer Oral Diagnosis & Radiology
159 Lecturer Pathology
160 Lecturer Obst. & Gynaecology
161 Distric Welfare Office GSS Grade A
162 Associate Professor General Medicine Gr-A
163 Lecturer in Computer Engineering Govt. Polytechnics, Maharashtra Polytechnic, Teachers Service, Gr-A
164 Assistant Public Prosecutor, G.S.S., Gr-A
165 Lecturer, Opthalmology, Govt. Medical College, M.M.E.R.S., Gr-A
166 Superitending Engineer (Electrical), Maharashtra Service of Electrical Engineers, Gr-A
167 Anesthetist Maharashtra Medical & Health Services Gr-A
168 Lecturer in Mechanical Enggineering
169 Lecturer in Information Technology
170 Joint Charity Commissioner, Gr-A
171 Deputy Charity Commissioner, Gr-A
172 Associate Professor - Anatomy
173 Associate Professor - Radiology
176 Associate Professor, Microbiology, Gr-A (BMC)
177 Lecturer Mechanical Engineering
178 Lecturer, General Medicine
179 Associate Professor,Pharmacology
180 Radiologist, Maharashtra Medical and Health Services, Gr-A
181 Assistant Charity Commissioner, G.S.S., Gr-A
182 Administative Officer, Director of Medical Education and Research, GSS, Gr-B.
183 Associate Professor, Pathology, Govt. Medical College, Gr-A
184 Deputy Engineer (Mechanical), Mah. Groundwater Service, Gr-A (For PH Only)
185 Junior Geologist, Mah. Groundwater Service, Gr-B (For PH Only)
186 Lecturer, General Surgery, Govt. Medical College, Gr-B
187 Lecturer, Microbiology, Govt. Medical College, Gr-B
188 Lecturer, Orthopaedics, Govt. Medical College, Gr-B
189 Lecturer in Instrumentation, Engineering Govt. polytechnics, Gr-A
190 Drug Inspector, General State Services, Group-B
191 Drug Inspector, General State Service, Gr-B
192 Lecturer in Medical Electronics
193 Lecturer in Automobile Engineering, Govt. Polytechnics, Gr-A
194 Lecturer in Civil Engineering, Govt. Polytechnic, Gr-A
195 Lecturer in Pharmaceutics, Govt. College of Pharmacy, Gr-A (Junior)
196 Anaesthetist, M.M. & H. S., Gr-A (Special Drive)
197 Pathologist, M.M. & H.S., Gr-A (Special Drive)
198 Head of Department, Plastic & Polymer, Gr-A
199 Associate Professor, Anaesthesiology, Gr-A
200 Associate Professor, General Surgery, Gr-A (Specail Drive)
201 Scientific Officer, Food and Drug Administration, Gr-B
202 Associate Professor, Opthalmology, Maharashtra Medical Education and Research, Gr-A
203 Dean, Government Ayurved College, Maharashtra Ayurvedic Service, Gr-A
204 Stenographer, Steno-Typist (Marathi & English), Govt. Offices, Mumbai. (SD) & (PH-SD)
205 Assistant Commissioner (Drug)
206 Deputy Engineer ( Mechanical)

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